Reno, Nevada | May 2019

'First Days in America'

We are finding, coaching and training public media’s next generation. This #nextgenradio project is created in Reno, Nevada, where six talented student journalists are participating in a week-long state-of-the-art training program.

In this project, six immigrants talk about how their first days in America shaped their lives today.

‘Roots in South Africa, Branches in America’:

Woman’s Business Connects Her Two Homes

by Olivia Ali
Danell Wilson-Perlman first came to the United States from South Africa in 1994 on a work study trip. She immediately knew the US would give more opportunity for a career in tourism, so she moved permanently. Today, she’s found a passion for sharing her home country with people from all over the world.
‘My Spanish is here for them’:

Once an outsider, now a community connector

by Michelle Baker
Alma Del Rio and her family left Mexico when she was five and faced a new set of challenges when they arrived in the States. Inspired by her mother, Del Rio’s work in the hospital has shown her how she can make a difference in her community.
An Iranian student struggles with pursuing a dream while missing family
by Yuka Kondo
Can you imagine not being able to visit your family back in your country due to a risk not able to come back to America? An Iranian graduate student came to America to pursue his dream of becoming a scientist. This is the story of one student’s struggle between pursuing his dreams and being with his family.
Greek basketball coach sidelined from opportunities in the United States
by Emily MacDiarmid
Dimitrios Kyriakou had a successful career coaching professional basketball in Greece. But he always dreamed of coaching in the United States.
From down under to the Biggest Little City:

How a woman’s craving for adventure led her to unthinkable opportunities

by Nathaniel Perez
Karen Goforth dropped her life in Australia to to explore and see the world in her early twenties. After resetting her life a few times, Goforth has built a life that would have seemed impossible back home.
From instability in Colombia to a Reno backyard family farm
by Leah Wigren
Adriana Marin-Herrera, came to the U.S. from Colombia when she was 16, fleeing civil unrest and daily skirmishes that left her family feeling deeply unsettled.

Our Reflections

Nervous, but a good nervous

Nervous, but a good nervous

Starting the Next Generation Radio bootcamp, I was nervous to say the least. I had extremely minimal audio experience and not-so-great multimedia skills. I was nervous to even apply, let alone accept the spot and start the program.